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We are looking for financial support to help build the first lifePOD system in Montréal, Québec, Canada.  The lifePOD will help feed the community of Notre-Dame-de-L'Île-Perrot, 20 minutes west of downtown Montréal.  In addition, it will provide an opportunity to document the project for others to follow in their own communities.  The project has been put together by several team members including Urban Studies students, engineers, a biochemistry graduate, but most importantly, SolaRoof creator Richard Nelson.  As a mentor to the project, Richard has over 35 years experience inventing environmentally innovative technology.  We have a donated plot of land available for the structure, and hope to have it up and running by May 2015 with the help of this fundafeast campaign and your generous support.

A lifePOD is the answer to food deserts.  It is the greenhouse reimagined.  It is a self-contained, year-round, all-natural grocery store in your backyard that provides fresh, local, organic food to families and communities alike.  This includes strawberries, lettuce, squash, carrots, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, and even fish.

The lifePOD is built on a moveable structure, and uses both vertical and horizontal space to maximize food production.  It features insulated walls, floor, and overhangs, as well as tanks with plumbing, electrical, and control systems.  The lifePOD will have hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic growing systems, and an anaerobic digester component.  The lifePOD can house organically-raised fish (aquaculture), provide roots and tubers (aeroponics), leafy greens and fruit-bearing plants (organic farming), and even edible mushrooms (mycology), all under one roof.  In addition, the aquaponics tanks can also be emptied, allowing the structure to be transportable.



  • $4,500 =  Materials (reclaimed and refurbished wherever possible), platform, and frame
  • $5,200 = Skilled labor (construction, plumbing, and permitting)
  • $5,000 = Membrane wall (including installation)
  • $1,000 = Electrical work (including LED lighting)
  • $1,200 = Maintenance and community outreach (workshops and teaching)
  • $3,100 = Growing systems, plantings, tools, and supplies


Thank You

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to learn more about this project and its financial needs.  All contributions are greatly appreciated.  None of this is possible without your generous support.  Thank you!







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